Metcalfe is bounded by Mitch Owens Road on the north, Belmeade Road on the south, and Boundary Road on the east. the Western boundary is described by John Quinn, Snake Island , and Fifth Line Roads. The neighbourhood includes the village of Metcalfe and the dispersed rural community of Marionville.

Metcalfe is believed to have been first settled by Colonel Archibald MacDonnell in 1827 and was originally named Osgoode. The area was renamed Metcalfe in 1877 in honour of Charles Theophilus Metcalfe, Governor General of Canada from 1843 to 1846. Showing initial promise as a stage coach route stop-off, the village declined in importance after the rail line was constructed further east of the community. One enduring aspect of the town’s earlier days is the annual Metcalfe Fair, which began in 1856.

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