A better city – one micro-action at a time! [Download MC2]

September 23, 2014

This summer, the Canadian Council on Social Development partnered with a new Canadian tech start up, Mcrowdsourcing Canada Inc. Mcrowdsourcing launched their new app, PlayMC2, in 68 countries worldwide on September 15, a next generation social media platform. Through this partnership, ONS can join with CCSD to use MC2 as another to boost civic engagement.

MC2 is a very simple mobile platform that rewards people with points and prizes from over 300 companies for completing micro-actions – or rather, small acts – in support of activities they like and care about. Micro-actions range from simple activities like picking up the neighbour’s mail, to engaging seniors in community activities, making a donation to the food bank, or helping a colleague with a project at work, to name a few. Together, these small acts can have enormous impact on society.

Get in on the action! Download MC2, register, and get started! Do micro-actions already in the app or create new ones. There’s a how-to on MC2 below.

How to download and get started on MC2.
MC2 (Beta) is now live for free download in iTunes here. You’ll need an iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod + an internet or wifi connection

How to use MC2

> Use your email address to create a profile
> Link your facebook and twitter accounts
> Complete your first microaction: “Take a Selfie”
> Swipe down and check out the first featured #nationbuilding microactions
> Search for #nationbuilding in the search box (remember to always use a hashtag! Search will not work otherwise)
> Create a #nationbuilding microaction by tapping on the pencil in the top right corner of the screen, take a photo of your action, describe it and tap ‘send.’ Other people will then be able to do your dignity microaction.
> Give some love to the microactions you like by clicking on the ‘heart’ button in the top right corn
> Repeat!