Child Care Definitions

Child Care Registry & Waitlist


The City of Ottawa’s Child Care Registry and Waitlist.

Infant Children

Children aged 18 months or less.

Preschool Children

Children aged 31 to 44 months.

School Age Children

Children aged 19 to 30 months.


Children aged 45 months to 12 years old.

Children approved for fee subsidy on CCRAW

Indicates the number of children on the CCRAW, on the specified date, who have been approved by the City of Ottawa for a child care fee subsidy

Children identified as aboriginal on CCRAW

applies to children whose parent has indicated upon registration on the CCRAW that they are a(n) First Nation/Inuit/Métis family

Relative Vacancy

Relative Vacancy

Agencies report their vacancies (number of non-occupied spaces) every month on the CCRAW. The City analyses and reports the information by ward and by programtwice per year. Rather than showing the number of vacant spaces on a given day, we display the relative vacancy (the amount of vacant spaces per ward relative to the other wards).

What an N/A score means:

A ward in which none of the agencies offer spaces for any given program (eg; no infants) would warrant a score of N/A.

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