Community Knowledge Exchange Summit coming to Toronto – Nov 19-21, 2014

September 10, 2014

The CKX Summit won’t be just another conference. It’ll be a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge about our communities. A space to co-create, explore and identify solutions. A chance to build relationships with other leaders and change-makers from across Canada and internationally as we consider and explore the following questions:

How can we use research to make more informed decisions?
How can we turn data into knowledge to drive change?
How can we use stories to demonstrate our impact?
How do we know we’re making a difference, together?

At CKX you’ll have the opportunity to:

Participate in interactive learning labs with hands-on content related to each of the CKX thematic questions
See and share examples of community knowledge in action – featuring organizations, groups and individuals from across the country and around the world
Shape and inform strategic directions and action items in each of our theme areas to continue the CKX journey, leading to our next CKX Summit in 2016

We’re offering you a front-of-the-line discount of $100 off of the regular rate of $495. Just enter CKX100 as the promo code when completing your registration online.