Manor Park

Welcome to Manor Park! Manor Park is bound by the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway to the North, Aviation Parkway to the East, and Montreal Road to the South. The North half of Manor Park is bound on the West by Birch Avenue from the GEC Parkway to Hemlock Road. Hemlock Road then connects to St. Laurent Blvd, which binds the South half of Manor Park to the West (with the exception of Dunbarton Ct which is park of Manor Park). The pedestrian passage between Dunbarton Ct and Pauline Charron Pl represents the division between Manor Park and Vanier.

Note that the neighbourhood boundaries used to represent data on this website (with the 2016 Census and other data sources) is not representative of Manor Park’s true neighbourhood boundaries. Corrections will be made to this map with the next Census release in 2021.

Manor Park is not homogeneous. It has a lot of diversity, and different groups face different types of challenges in the northern and southern portions of the neighbourhood. The table below demonstrates these differences by comparing demographic data between the northern and southern halves of Manor Park. To learn more about Manor Park, read an article provided by the Manor Park Community Association to learn more about Manor Park: Who lives in Manor Park? A duty to know; a duty to act.

2016 Census Data Manor Park North* Manor Park South**
Population 3,375 4,341
French as First Language 21% 42%
Seniors 12% 33%
Solo Dwellers   >50%
Single Parent Families 20% 25%
Immigrant Population 25% 25%
Unemployment (Ottawa was 7.2%) 8.4% 9.5%
Low Income Cut Off (poverty) 10% 22%
Children in low income families aged 0-17 13% 31%
Children in low Income 0-5 14% 37%

*Manor Park North is bound on the west by Birch St then east along Hemlock to the Aviation Parkway and then north to the St Etienne Parkway and west back to Birch. (Census tract)

**Manor Park South’s western border cuts west of St Laurent from Hemlock Ave north to Montreal Road east to Aviation Parkway until Hemlock. (Census tract)

For more information about Manor Park, contact the Manor Park Community Association.

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