ONS at Datafest Ottawa

April 16, 2014

ONS was happy to be able to contribute data to Canada’s first hackathon on migration – Datafest Ottawa: Hacking Migration in the Capital on April 12 & 13 – an event for newcomers to Canada, and for people who work with newcomers, or research and write about immigration. The event brought diverse expertise together to spark new ways for data and technology to shed light on challenges in migration: Who’s coming to Canada, how are they faring and what more can we do to help them succeed? A gathering for those who like to code for fun, or who are passionate about digital design, the Datafest brainstormed ideas and developing concepts, explored ways to tell stories about migration through maps and graphics, shed light on changes to immigration policy through data, and proposed apps to help new arrivals to Canada.

One group of participants used “country of origin data” from ONS along with a platform called D3. At the end of the two days they had a proof of concept and an accompanying presentation that was very well received. You be the judge: check it out here.