About The Team

We are a team that brings together the University of Ottawa, the City of Ottawa, local Community Health & Resource Centres, Ottawa Public Health, United Way/Centraide Ottawa, The Champlain Local Health Integration Network, and other community-based partners. Our goal is to better understand the neighbourhoods in which we live, work and play in order to offer evidence about the dimensions that are important for community health and well-being. We also provide the City of Ottawa, health service providers, social service agencies, community organizations and residents with information on 107 neighbourhoods in Ottawa in order to help them to identify what is working well, and where community development is needed.


Strengths of our team

This project models ways that university, city, and community can collaborate effectively. Our multidisciplinary, multisectoral Steering Committee enables and supports the networking and knowledge exchange needed in this project. The ONS team is composed of the following:

University of Ottawa Lead Investigators
Project Coordinator/Knowledge Broker
University of Ottawa Co-Investigators
City of Ottawa Team Members
United Way Ottawa
Ottawa Public Health
Coalition of Community Health & Resource Centres
Champlain LHIN
Parent Resource Centre

Partner Directory